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Interactive Presentations
Give a presentation that does what YOU want it to do!
Interactivity is the ability to branch to different areas of a presentation, to display another application, to play animations, video and sounds – seamlessly; all without leaving your presentation.

One-on-One Sales Presentations – With interactivity, you have to option to customize your presentation on the fly in response to your prospect’s reactions and needs. Instantly access your various products or services, call up an Excel Spreadsheet, or play movies or sound bites to support your pitch. With interactivity, your options are flexible and position you for a successful close.

Kiosks, Interactive Displays – PowerPoint is great for simple touch-screen kiosks or information booths to promote your products or services. You can have many of the benefits of a full interactive display without the associated hassles and turnaround time of a “traditional” interactive program - plus the ability to incorporate changes quickly.

Direct Mail or Handout/Leave-Behinds
Sometimes you may have a need to let a client or prospect know what you do or present your product information in a colorful and interesting way. For far less than the cost of a printed piece, you can produce an interactive CD in PowerPoint that will present your message graphically and dynamically. It can contain sound and video segments that will play on most newer PCs. A free PowerPoint runtime player utility means you don't need to own the program to distribute the disk. 85% of all businesses have PowerPoint on their computers.

How the Production Process Works for an Interactive CD
1. An overall message and key components are given to us for analysis. Often, an existing presentation, printed brochure or document can form the basis for the CD.

2. In a telephone conference we identify particulars, discuss budget, and agree to proceed. We e-mail or fax you a 1 page Letter of Agreement. You pay 30% of estimated project cost. Our estimates are usually firm unless extreme changes or additions to the project are requested by the client.

4. You mail or e-mail us all relevant pictures, graphics and information.

5. We come back to you, usually within a week, with a design look and feel and a draft presentation which you review and suggest your revisions. We encourage you to limit yourself to 1 revision cycle to avoid additional expense. You pay another 30% of project estimate.

6. We make the requested revisions and send you the CD master.

7. You may duplicate the CD in your facility or we can arrange duplication for you. We also design inserts and CD labels. Final payment is due on project completion.

Rule of Thumb for Pricing
Overall it seems to work out to around $100 per frame with graphics, programming, photography and/or scanning. An additional charge is made for inserting movies and producing soundtracks with music and narrations.

Factors influencing price are the length in frames and the number of interactive links required, menu design and art and animation requirements.

Here's a typical flow sequence for an interactive CD mailer done for a packaging company:

First an introductory sequence of 7 frames with a narration is played automatically. (about 1 minute)


The opening sequence stops on a menu which offers 4 choices. A navigation bar appears below the menu.

The first choice, "Market Trends" offers an overview of the importance of packaging in the marketplace; includes narration track.

The final menu choice gives contact links with live hyperlinks to e-mail and web site if the viewer is on-line.  



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