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On-Site PowerPoint Execution
PowerPoint™ Experts Putting It Together and Making It Work

Our staff will work with your staging company or hotel AV department to  interface the computer equipment and projection systems to assure a flawless delivery. We can also make equipment recommendations, rent you our computer systems, or operate yours.

The Moore Anderson Group has experience at venues throughout the United States and England, and is willing to travel wherever your meeting or event is held. Based in the Chicago area, our central location makes travel convenient and economical to most destinations. Be sure to book well in advance - our schedule fills up, especially from October through March.

Links to Related Resources
Here are some sites that we recommend if you are doing meetings, events, or presentations and could use some helpful resources:

www.warnerav.com One of the foremost staging companies in the country!
They can see to your projection, video, sound, lighting and crew requirements and offer a Total Staging Solution at a reasonable price.

www.com-pel.com Create meeting media, interactive media, animations and video. Stage and produce meetings for clients large and small. Work for major corporate clients as well as smaller companies - great value!

www.wpieventpartners.com  Awesome meetings and events producer. Great parties! Mind blowing events. Want a high-impact, memorable corporate event? These are the guys!

www.powerpointanswers.com  A great resource for those tricky PowerPoint questions. We write some articles for them.

www.asasales.com Boost your company's sales with the resources available here! M-Power™ sales tool to manage your sales force. Customized sales presentations add focus and "sell" to your sales calls. 

www.tocgroup.com The Tim O'Connell Group is a great choice for print advertising and media production including advertising, presentations,
brochures and catalogs. Sensitive to budget and deadline considerations.

In today’s fast-paced meeting environment, you need a PowerPoint expert that can handle the pressure of last-minute changes, multiple presentation formats and create a smooth and seamless show on-site. The reality of “just in time” is that there’s often NO time before your speakers arrive at the meeting destination to rehearse, tweak and reorder their slides for your meeting. We excel at dealing with the unexpected, last-minute changes and challenges while making your show seamless from the audience perspective, no matter how frenzied life is behind the screen.



A video technician interfaces the computers with the video, sound and projection systems.

Here is a backstage view of a medium-size show looking over the computer systems from behind the set. 
(Rear screen projection screens)



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