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Tips and Tricks
Things Your Mother Never Told You About PowerPoint…

It’s a program with hidden depths – filled with features that most people  never 
realized were there. PowerPoint '07 has even more features, but the new interface can make them difficult to find and use. But don’t try to do it at home! Use us! Here are some of the intriguing possibilities:

Interactivity – the ability to branch to different areas of a presentation,   to call up spreadsheets, to play animations, video and sounds – seamlessly; all without leaving your presentation.

Animation & Video – basic capabilities to animate text and charts, of course, but also to diagram complex processes or procedures in an interesting, logical way. We can even insert animations or motion video created in external programs that will give your show high-level production values.

Looping Trade Show /Continuous Display – You can create excitement, interest and traffic at your next trade show or in your window or lobby with a looping display with your key message… Displaying promotions or giveaways encourage your prospects to register at your booth. 

Kiosks, Interactive Displays – PowerPoint is great for simple touch-screen kiosks or information booths to promote your products or  services. Complex and expensive interactive programs created in software such as Director™ and Authorware™ are time-consuming to create and difficult to change quickly. With a touch-screen monitor and the right PowerPoint programming, you can have many of the benefits of a full interactive display without the associated hassles.

Self-Running “Modules” – We can create a little “show” with music and/or narration that runs within your presentation. Typically, this is used to introduce new products or show a series of pictures such as a retirement event “This Is Your Life”. Also popular is a “candids” presentation at the end of a meeting where the participants are shown having a good time, etc. These help to break up a long speech, hold the audience’s attention and provide an upbeat closer to your meeting.

Moore Anderson Shares His PowerPoint Expertise
If you can't hire us this time, here are some useful hints...
On-Site Checklist
Screen Captures
Creating Self-running Modules
Creating an "Agenda Shell" Show
Creating a Custom PowerPoint Template
Create a Looping PowerPoint Show for
A Trade Booth Display
Creating and Running an “Opening Loop

Links to Great Meeting and Media Resources
Here are some sites that I recommend if you are doing meetings, events, or presentations and could use some helpful resources: Awesome meetings and events producer. Great parties! Mind blowing events. Want a high-impact, memorable corporate event? These are the guys! Create meeting media, interactive media, animations and video. Stage and produce meetings for clients large and small.
Also great museum and trade show concepts. A great choice for print advertising, web design and media production including videos, presentations, meetings and events. Sensitive to budget and deadline considerations. Need scripts, strategic sales focus, creative and compelling concepts - these are the guys!  A great resource for those tricky PowerPoint questions. I write some articles for them. Boost your company's sales with the resources available here! Customized sales presentations add focus and "sell" to your sales calls.




   Excellent for raising sales through superior marketing strategies and sales methods. create interactive presentations and trade meeting displays that sell your products and services.


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