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Animation and Video

Motion is more than eye candy!
Recent research by Microsoft has concluded that animated, media rich ads and banners attract up to 43% more attention on-line. Because of the high quality of animation on commercial television there  is an (unvoiced) expectation on the part of your audience that your presentation will measure up to that standard. 

Flash sample of Web Site opening
Animation segments with your logo in motion or animated clips which illustrate processes or products can add that professional touch that positions your company as a techno-savvy, high-design leader. Let our designers work with you on the concept and storyboarding phase as well as the final production of your custom animation.  

Videos in PowerPoint Sometimes a video segment within a presentation can not only add interest to a long presentation, but can also be used to demonstrate your product or service in action and to present testimonials from satisfied clients. This can add tremendous credibility and “in-touch” realism that connects your audience to you and your company. MPEG-1 files seem to play the best on most machines.

Our all-digital equipment has the ability to generate near-broadcast quality footage. From concept to acquisition to editing, our team gives you an economical way to approach video in your presentations.

Native PowerPoint Animation An extremely cost effective way to add motion and interest is to create animations directly in PowerPoint using it's internal features to move type and graphics. This only requires programming and artwork, and with the new features in PowerPoint XP 2002, some impressive animated effects can be achieved.

Web splash screen for an on-line software product. 

Proposal graphic

Experimental 16x9 format


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