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Presentation Design Services

Make Your Next Big Speech Memorable
For major presentations, our design expertise can make your speech support something special. Your presentation can be given special treatment to conceptualize and strengthen graphics and add reinforcing visuals from our extensive library of royalty-free imagery. Send us your existing presentation for a
FREE EVALUATION and estimate.

Your Company Look - Custom Templates
Often a custom background and a themed PowerPoint Template can make your company’s image consistent and effective throughout your organization and reinforce  your brand identity to your clients and customers.
A template redesign provides you with a new background and type layout on which to build your future presentations. It can be used as a standard template for your whole company, or to bring a special look to an important meeting or event. The graphic on the top right shows what's included in a typical redesign. 

Original Digital Art
We can create art in a variety of styles and media to give you the exact graphic you need to illustrate your point. From 3D imagery and multi-layered Photoshop montages to hand drawn cartoons and illustrations; we do it all. Concept brainstorming and storyboarding are also a specialty. Prices by the job only.

The Sizzle and the Steak - Added Sound & Video Enhancements
With additional time and budget, we can add animations, sounds and video inserts to add the “sizzle” to your presentations. But our design approach is centered on reinforcing your message (the steak) and avoiding elements that might distract from your central focus.

Widescreen Presentations
Make your next meeting leading edge by making your speaker support visuals in the 16:9 "widescreen" format. There are several advantages to doing this in addition to the increased visual impact:

  • Larger screen area in rooms with low ceiling heights. 

  • With the new brighter generation of projectors, the light intensity (lumens) is still quite good even with a longer throw distance. 

  • There is an increasing availability of projection screens in the 16:9 ratio from hotels, vendors and staging companies. 

  • There is more room for graphics and photos in the frame layout options, making the presentation more visually stimulating. 

  • Production is virtually identical to a traditional 4:3 ratio. Only the page setup in PowerPoint is different. We will optimize your custom template for the new proportion.

  • Finally, there's a viewer perception that the widescreen format represents higher production values and a more upscale presentation. In fact there is very little cost difference.

(download sample widescreen presentation 490k)  


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This shows the types of frame styles and formatting information that we include in a typical template. You can build your finished presentation using this custom show as a base. Your logo and an exciting treatment make your presentation stand out!

Cartoon for a distribution company

Widescreen example - Bringing your speech to life with a new look!

3D artwork for Internet Company