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All Projects must be estimated on a per job basis. Figures included here are only for your reference and “ballparking” and are not final. Send in your presentation for a free estimate and evaluation.

Presentation Makeover Smaller presentations of 20-30 frames will be in the $300-$500 range. We'll give you an exact quote before we begin. Just send in your old, existing show for a FREE ESTIMATE. Our makeovers include; background development and creation, original graphics and stock photography, scanning and formatting images you provide and the creation and programming of basic animation within PowerPoint. Larger shows of 50-60 slides might involve 2-3 days work and cost in the $1,000 - $1,500 range. 

On-site execution rate is $500/day plus transportation, lodging, tips and meals. Overtime rate of $100/hr charged after 10 hours.

Animation created in Flash or After Effects is quoted per job.

Interactive Presentation Programming usually takes one day. This involves designing a menu interface and linking various sections of your presentation. This is especially useful for one-on-one branching sales presentations or where you might like to access hidden detail information or jump to a spread-sheet program. One-day programming rate is $600.

Illustration is quoted on a per job basis. Cartooning is considered illustration. $100 minimum - complex color $500 and up, This also includes Photoshop montage/manipulation

Videos are quoted on a per job basis. Videos are converted to .wmv files (Windows Movie Files) to insert in PowerPoint. If you have an existing video you wish inserted, you can convert it or have us do so. Sometimes a short (under 2 minute) simple video such as client testimonials or facility/process segment that is to be inserted in PowerPoint and takes only minimal editing and can be produced for much less that conventional “full production” videos. Videos are shot and edited digitally and can be output to disk or tape. Videos can also be created from a series of stills, that you provide with titles and movements added. Average is about $400/per finished minute of an .wmv file produced and inserted in your presentation. widescreen format videos are priced higher.











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