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 Illustration and Computer Art
All illustration projects must be estimated on a per job basis. Figures included here are only for your reference and “ballparking” and are not final. Send in your illustration concepts for a free estimate and evaluation.

Illustrations are used for a variety of applications. Photo-based computer illustrations are done in Photoshop using a resolution of 300 dpi or better. File sizes for photographic illustrations can run quite large and are usually transmitted through an FTP site. Line illustrations are converted to illustrator or EPS files after completion. Illustrations destined for your website are created in hi resolution, then resized to 72 dpi. Illustrations that are animated are usually 100 dpi or less. there are several types of illustrations that you may be interested:

Illustration is quoted on a per job basis. Cartooning is considered illustration. $100 minimum - complex color $500 and up, This also includes Photoshop montage/manipulation

Montage/Photoshop illustration, where layered files are produced into a collage for print or media.

Digital Painting  can be used for print or media and is usually output as a .psd (Photoshop) file or .jpeg. This starts with a pencil sketch and once approved, moves into the full illustration. There is a fee of $50 for this preliminary stage.

 Line Art illustration usually takes one day. all cartoons start with line art, and then color is added. Line art is created in a vector design program which allows for any resolution that is needed. Photography may be used as a reference and this type of illustration may include caricatures and cartoons and straight illustration. We do not do technical illustrations.

3D Illustration can be used both in animation and design. it creates vector models that can be used in any resolution that is needed. We use 3-D, primarily for text and simple objects. In the future we plan to offer more advanced capabilities.












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